Professional Post Surgery Care is all we do.

Comfort, safety, and confidence in your care is our only priority.

In 2011, there were over 9 million surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed in the United States, ranging from surgical choices such as liposuction, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty, to non surgical procedures such as laser skin treatments and Botox injections(1). Since most of these surgical procedures are done in surgery centers or as outpatient hospital admissions, the patient is released to return home, or to a place of lodging if they have traveled to another city for their care.

The American Society for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)

But what do you, the patient, do now?
Do you have a family member help you those first two to three days? Depending on the complexity of the surgery, you will generally not be feeling very well after the anesthesia subsides, and will need help for your basic needs. What if you have unexpected pain, or something just doesn't feel right? When you call your doctor, he may recommend going to a hospital just in case. How do you get there? Who will take you?

There is another alternative, let Aesthetic Recovery Care take care of you.
Aesthetic Recovery Care is owned and operated by medical professionals dedicated to your post surgery care. With decades of experience, our licensed and certified professionals will pick you up at your surgery location, and transport you to your home or place of lodging. We will make you comfortable, monitor your condition; provide your vital signs to your physician; make sure you take your medications, and be there to help you in every way possible. When you are feeling better, we will serve you with quality organic cuisine, and provide other services right in your bedroom from specialized massage to manicures, pedicures, whatever you may desire. When you are picked up by our caring staff, you are no longer a patient, you are our honored guest.

Think of us as a medical bed and breakfast.
In the following sections, we will provide details about our services. We are located in Northern California, but will be expanding to Southern California in early 2013, and nationwide as soon as we find the best quality care professionals to join our company. We provide our services to only the finest Cosmetic Surgeons, who truly care about your positive post operative experience after their work is done.

Our motto is "Accelerating, Recovery, and Rejuvenation", and we do that by taking away your stress of dealing with post operative care. And since you took this important step to make yourself look and feel the best you can be, the least we can do is help make you feel rejuvenated while under our care.

Feel free to call our toll free number with any questions or concerns!

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